"I have been seeing Mel at the Leopard Lounge for many years now. She is a very talented hairdresser - adept at both vintage and contemporary cuts and styling. Mel has also done my hair and makeup for numerous events and celebrations, transforming me to look amazing. She is the best hairdresser I have ever had and her sharp sense of style is second to none!"

Elizabeth Allen

"If you want to have an average haircut and experience, don't go to The Leopard Lounge. If you want a super talented and creative stylist who knows how to bring out the best in you, plus have an experience straight out of Hollywood, then you have found what you are looking for. Milena is a one-off creative stylist who sees what we can't always see in ourselves as woman - our radiant, sexy, confident authentic beauty - plus her products are the best I have used."

Dee Dee

"Melina WOW one unique Hairdresser who has rescued my hair from another Newtown salon that left my hair butchered and dried out with a $350 price tag attached to it, where no Heart and Soul and Care was put into my hair and took 5 hours not like with a session with Mel. Not only did she rescue my hair with her amazingly beautiful products but my hair felt beautiful and luscious. Her Products are amazing. She restored my faith back in hairdressers. Mel treated me like a Hollywood actress not another number. I left feeling like a celebrity and the compliments of how my hair looked, I felt like a million bucks. Six months later my hair is lusciously beautiful soft bouncy and can this woman cut hair and make you feel beautiful and the conversations are always nourishing for the soul. I cannot recommend her and her Products highly enough."

Catherine Baradi

"Milena is an absolute master at what she does. She understands hair, colour and texture. I always walk out of the Leopard Lounge looking and feeling like a million bucks."

Natasha C, Bellevue Hill 

"It was always my dream to have a vintage wedding. Milena helped me to realise this dream. I had Gatsby-style finger waves and a delicate diamante hair pin which just dazzled. I don't think I have ever felt more glamorous to this day!"  

Tia P, Balmain

"If I was rich and famous, I would hire Milena to be my personal hair stylist. She is incredible." 

Lizzy P, Annandale


"Finally! Someone who actually understands the craziness of curly hair and doesn't butcher it. I was a bit nervous when Milena claimed that she needed to fix my 'terrible haircut'. I was only going in to see her for an up-do. She asked if she could fix my hair and I hestitently said yes. Thank god I let her do it. My hair FINALLY looks amazing. The curls form and sit properly and don't go all frizzy. Don't ever go anywhere Milena. I will follow you to the ends of the earth!"

Syrie W, Lilyfield


"Milena is the Queen of Colour! I like to change up my hair every year and I'm very specific about what matches my skin tone. I love sexy, vivid colours and if I see something I like in fashion mags or on instagram I take pic of the images to keep in my 'colour archives'. When I'm ready for change, I head straight to Milena. No one else is allowed to touch my hair I give her the picture and she nails it every time. Milena usually tweaks it a little to make sure that whatever I've chosen, matches my skin and my face to a tee. Seriously talented."

Rhani E, Burwood


"I have dead straight hair, which you would think would be easier to cut, but considering how many hairdressers have messed it up, I guess not! Milena on the other hand is a master cutter. She gives me an incredible precision cut that's super hot and I get so many comments afterwards. My hair is also really thick. Whatever magic Milena weaves with her scissors gives my hair bounce while maintaining that real chic edge."

Ali M, Surry Hills